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Xiao style 3 screenshot

Posted by St3lf - January 27th, 2008

i guess you've waited long enough. i thought some people might want to see something of it to back up my claims that im still working on it and know that yes, it does exist :P
but yeah...here's a screenie :)

oh, the actual dimensions are 850x520 but images larger than 464 pixels square are scaled down so im guessing it will be smaller than the real dimensions.

(and as you can see its not at its best quality but its good enough :))

Xiao style 3 screenshot


so THATS wat it will be like in xiao style 3!

indeed, it's gonna kick xiao style 2's ass :P

Are you really that pathetic to vote 0 on my submissions every day? Keep it going and I'll do yours.

no, im not voting a daily 0 on your submissions, i voted 0 on a few yesterday (or whatever the day i reviewed a couple was) cuz i dont like them. but im not going and voting a daily 0.

anyway, it's just as bad being you and going and voting a daily 5 on all your stuff, i just wonder what score your stuff came out the portal with...so dont go to me and tell me im voting a daily 0 on your stuff when i'm not, when your going and voting daily 5's on your stuff like you admitted. i pray you've actually stopped like you said you did otherwise thats just shameful

I don't think it's shameful cuz no one actually gives a crap what happens to my movie. I mean comon, no one looks at them after they get out of the portal unless they win an award. I could aswell vote 5 on the movies in the top 50 but what's the difference.. If I want Waterlollies to be number 1 again I just vote 0 on everything that's above Waterlollies just like many other ppl. All this voting shit is unfair, the high levels that get more voting power, the rankings...
Maybe my submissions could be having a 3.60 of itself if at the day I submitted them only sticklovers were online...
BTW my latest movies like Kick 'o' pwnage came out with a 3.50
Really man.. I don't see voting as a sacred job

well the reason i dont like people voting 5s all the time on their stuff is cuz when people look at your animations and see that their own animations which are far better have lower scores...not necissarily meaning me, but it makes people annoyed, and rightly so.

and i could also use that same arguement about noone caring about what happens for voting daily 0's...whats wrong with it if noone cares? it just isnt a good thing to do...same with 5's

but i'll go recheck out your animation in your blog thing :)

Oh and check my blog if u want. I worked on that movie.

Well I don't actually care if u keep voting 0 on my movies but I consider that as an attack on me and if u WOULD do it.. I would wanna take u back ofcourse.
And you say: ''When ppl look at your animations and see the high score they get annoyed''..
Can I ask WHAT ppl? No one, really no one (except friends) watches my movies anymore after they get off the portal. Seriously

is that two heroes i see?

well spotted

3 actually though XD and thats one of the reasons its taking a hell of a long time to make...along with all the other stuff that makes it take so long...like animators block, laziness etc :P

but at least you know it exists

thanks for the comment :)

how much of xiao style 3 have u finished?

right now its 62 seconds long, i'd like to make the fight scene about 2 minutes. i'm off school this week so i'm trying to bring myself to do a good few seconds. after that, i need to back track and add a bit of blood which might take a while. then i wanna make a short introduction which shouldnt take long (although i might decide to leave it out alltogether). so its still got alot of work to be done on it really, but thats your answer :)

are you gonna do a 3D Xiao Xiao?

i doubt it :-/

well... as long as it is better than xiao xiao 3 you'll do good

well i think its looking good, i just hope everyone else does :)...its still gonna be a while though

woot!! a number 3? it looks epic

is there going to be a guest appearance?

of who? xiao xiao himself? hah, nah i dont think so :p

unless you meant someone else?

thanks for the comment anyway, me likes comments :p
but im annoyed with myself cuz i havnt worked on it in weeks.

leave a comment on my profile!
yeah placing xiao xiao stick fighter would be a cool thing to have on
or you could place NG staff as a stick figure XD

This will be AWESOME!


sorry i never left a comment like you asked btw...i just dont have rainbow 6 vegas so i'd have to take your thing off topic :p

anyway, there isn't much to update. i did 10 seconds of it 2 weeks ago, bringing its total time up to 73 seconds i think. the main reason i dont work a whole lot on it at the moment is cuz of the major lag. i have to have nothing else open, just flash in order to get anything productive done. so on days that i want to animate alot, thats what i do. but the fact that i did 10 seconds on it in 1 day a couple of weeks ago is encouraging for me. cuz now finishing it doesnt seem as out of reach. but i still have a fair amount of work left to do on it. and any due date would just dissapoint so i just refuse to give one as i almost know i won't keep to it. the next due date i give i plan to be one i can keep to. and right now i can't give one :(.

anyway i hope that somewhat answered your question, thanks for the comment

ok no worries
bloody hell i thought there would be heaps of people on NG that play games such as Rainbow six Vegas

maybe there is...just i'm not one of them :p

when is xiao xiao style four coming out?

xiao style 4? you're jumping ahead a bit there aren't you? i cant even consider thinking about xiao style 4 when xiao style 3 isnt even out >_>

totally wish stuff wasnt getting in the way at the moment though, i really wanna finish it, if its not finished by july, then august i have total freedom to animate, so that will be my month. but till then, i dont even think it's a possibility that it will come out to be honest, schools being a bitch, thats why i cant finish it till then.

ah ok
I was just joking with you
seeing what would be your response and so on
production update is needed!

again? production update? haha, theres no production to be updated, that last post you did here...i havnt animated at all since then. got exams and stuff till june 3rd. so after that animation begins again i guess.

but if you care that much ill post another screenshot soon i guess, and as soon as i start animating on it again ill give an update :) happy? :)

thanks for caring so much :p ill update soon.

sand shoes!
my way of saying thank you

hey man anything new?

well...not really...ive animated a tiny bit more. and ive figured out what im gonna do for the ending, so hopefully it'll be a bit more structured. but besides that not much. i was gonna post more screenies, but i dont see much point really. ill hopefully complete it this august...at least thata the target anyway :-/. if i do manage to do that, then i still probably wont bring it out till about september (because i dont want clock day and the clock day aftermath to ruin my 2 years of on/off work).

so thats the hope anyway, september :). i REALLY want to finish it this summer...i need to get it done.

hey man
I think the aftermath of clock day is over
so I think you are safe

yeah but ive been on holiday :p

i have 1 and a half weeks to finish this. i'll try not to dissapoint :-/. its getting there.

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