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that was actually full on amazing. action packed, entertaining to the max :D i expected it to be awesome but that was just mind blowing. i mean, the greatness of the fights and how much the moves and styles varied. and the fact that it just never got boring at all. and i loved how the ground broke and everything. it was so awesome. im trying hard to think why i shouldnt give this a 10. but the truth is, this is pretty much as good as stick fights get. and i think this will be the first 10 ive ever given in a review on ng :P well done guys.

wow mesmay :O

this is Fitzy from SPP :) i hadnt seen this till now. this is awesome, it seems quite dark but has an awesome atmosphere, it says seeds(1) so is there going to be more?

anyway great job, all the effects were great (the bio bot stabbing the other one at the end was amazing!) and the animation was great, fantastic job :D

Mesmay responds:

this means a lot from you, thanks =3


that was awesome, at least, for what was there it was awesome :D it was short...but it didn't feel too short. also great cuz it was action packed. it also had a bit of humour in there. just brilliant, good job...the fighting was very well done.

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very nice!

this is a very well made puzzle game. simple on the surface but requires sufficient planning. i'm only on a relatively early level but i dont want to forget to write a review for it :P.

i just think it's a massive shame that you submitted it on a day with 4 submissions over 4.2, leaving yours with only a chance of daily 5th, when it deserves much more, in reality it should get daily top 2 and front page so i feel a bit gutted for you. but realise you've created a great game which will keep my brain occupied for a while :P. i love the simplicity of what's there but how that simplicity can make a difficult mind boggling game that ends up taking a fair bit of brain power to complete so seriously VERY well done :D


i found it quite difficult cuz people just come at random and it sometimes gives you literally no chance to save all of them. not a bad effort though...

pretty cool :)

i must say, i didn't really like the first two, they didnt really have enough deaths and i found them a bit monotonous. but i enjoyed this one, the timer may have been a bit long. and i dont know if its intentional, but everytime you kill yourself, the timer jumps back a tiny bit which gives you a bit of exra time. this one has plenty more deaths than what you originally started out with in stickicide 1 which honestly makes it far more fun. especially on my first run of it, it was cool discovering the new ways to die. however, like i mentioned previously, the timer may be a bit long, and also its not something i could play alot, but its still fun whilst you play it, but after you finish, you're like 'that was pretty cool, but im not doing it again'. but nonetheless, good effort and much better than the other ones...and you're fantastic at animating explosions, i wish i could animate them like that :p

like other people have said, if you make more, expand on the idea, make goals to achieve etc, but well done anyway :)

the 'Stelf' stands for 'STE' 'L'ee 'F'itzpatrick. Xiao style 3, coming soon!

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