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the 'Stelf' stands for 'STE' 'L'ee 'F'itzpatrick. Xiao style 3, coming soon!

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Posted by St3lf - January 27th, 2008

i guess you've waited long enough. i thought some people might want to see something of it to back up my claims that im still working on it and know that yes, it does exist :P
but yeah...here's a screenie :)

oh, the actual dimensions are 850x520 but images larger than 464 pixels square are scaled down so im guessing it will be smaller than the real dimensions.

(and as you can see its not at its best quality but its good enough :))

Xiao style 3 screenshot

Posted by St3lf - January 19th, 2008

it's NOT xiao style 3, but its something...and i think its pretty good. its just an animation of a fight between two sticks on a fairly unimpressive background...so i guess the fight is the main thing to focus on :P i havnt released anything for over a year and a half, so i guess this will just be something to sink your teeth into :)

the animation is for a competition in which i had to animate my guy fighting my opponent, who's called tentionmaru, don't expect it to be Uber spectacular, but as far as little 1 minute fight scenes go, i think it's pretty decent

it will be called either 'Fitzy vs tentionmaru' ,' St3lf/Fitzy vs Tention' 'St3lf AKA Fitzy vs Tention' pr something like that

it's not up on NG yet, but i'll most likely be submitting soon (as in the next few days, possibly in a couple of weeks, but probably earlier), so look out for it :)

Posted by St3lf - November 27th, 2007

my computer is truely messed up. and, i'm not over exaggerating here, it's so bad it's unbelievable, sometimes i just feel like throwing it out the window. If you're lucky, you can get to the internet about 15-20 minutes after turning it on (thats about 14-19 minutes more than most people right). if your unlucky, it can take up to an hour, so yeah, by the time i get on it, i'm already pissed off at it for taking so long.

then the internet is touch and go, it usually works, i'll give it that, although it just randomly goes off sometimes but after you unplug and replug the router it comes back on within about 2 minutes. but going on the internet is just annoying. sometimes it can take 3-4 minutes just to load a page, when i click a link i just pray that it doesnt take long, and sometimes i get pissed off when i wait like 2-4 minutes for a page to load and then its just a useless page.

one time it took 20 minutes to load WORD on this thing, yes, WORD, microsoft word. aarg, although i'll admit that doesnt happen often, but the point is it shouldn't happen at all!

being totally honest, i havnt animated since september, but i'm sure even if i tried i wouldn't be able to. my computer has actually been like this for a while, like its been bad for a few months, but just over the past couple of weeks it's gotten alot worse, even in september it was hard to animate because i moved too quick for the computer so sometimes there was lag time between me drawing a line and the computer actually showing it, so i dont know what it'll be like now :-/.

my dad said he's gonna take it to a PC shop to see if it can get fixed, i don't know when he'll do this. but i'm hoping they can fix it without having to wipe everything. but incase they do need to wipe stuff, i've been trying to save stuff onto my memory stick. but alas, my computer is SO CRAP that it won't make it that easy. firstly, i plugged my memory stick in and when i brought it up on screen it had nothing showing in it, and i was like 'wtf when did all this get wiped' so i took it downstairs and plugged it in the laptop (which isn't great but works far better than the desktop) and realized that it wasnt that anything had been wiped, since it clearly showed everything was there on the laptop. but it was, infact, just the terrible desktop that wouldn't show it.

so, after a few tries i manage to make the desktop show that i do actually have files on my memory stick, then, i find my highest priority for saving if it gets wiped (being the xiao style 3.fla file) and drag it over and put it in the memory stick window (which should've saved it onto the memory stick) but no...my bollocks computer, instead, decides to put an error up telling me it cant find the right file or path and tells me to redirect something or some BS like that. i don't get this problem on any other computers by the way, just my crappy desktop.

now, i wanted to save alot of stuff, but i guess i'll just have to settle with my biggest priorities unless by some miracle my memory stick works in this computer again...or even better, the computer fixes itself :-/. so i've had to resort to sending myself the xiao style 3.fla to myself through email, takes alot longer, but if it's the only way im gonna keep the file i guess it'll do.

so i'm just hoping that, for a best case scenario, my computer doesnt need to be wiped, or, upon failing that, nothing goes wrong when trying to open the file again :-/.

i don't know when my dad is taking the computer, and even in a best case scenario, i don't know when i'll next have time to animate. but if it gets wiped and i can't open the emailed file, theres very little chance i'm gonna restart it, but assuming everything goes well and i can animate in the file, i will definately finish it at some point :) :-/.

well there's my rant for today, thought i'd share it with you guys :)

Posted by St3lf - September 21st, 2007

as some of you may have seen by looking at my 'xiao style 2: lab shutdown' submission description. xiao style 3 is not going as fast as i would've hoped. and now that im back at school, im sorry to say...but progress has been all but stopped...that is, i spend all this time in school...so when i get home i just dont have the motivation to animate.

it's strange, because although this is my biggest project, technically, i started it over a year ago (july 2006), so given nothing to stop me animating...i would've finished it by now...but alas, thats not how life works...

it seems to go this way with some series'...a couple of episodes come out virtually together (killing spree, joe zombie) and then it takes ages for some to come out...i guess this might be because of the vastly improved animation of the series...well, that is the case with this, because although there might not be much change in graphics (although they are somewhat better), the variety of moves amongst other stuff has made this much better than any of the other 2.

i can't think of any fitting place to write this, so i'll just put it here:
xiao style 1, although i cant remember how long exactly...mustve only taken about a month (although i would advise watching xiao style 2 before making a judgement on the series based on a relatively poor animation (being xiao style 1))
xiao style 2, although was harder to make and was a big breakthrough in my animation skills, took only 2 months...don't get me wrong, that is a very long time really, but its nothing compared to the what seems like an eternity on the 3rd installment - i like the way i just managed to work through it, and although i remember getting animators block, it mustn't have lasted long (since it was finished in 2 months)

anyway, xiao style 3's overall progress is hard to say...in length, it's probably around 40%...but im animating the hardest part first, so like 20% of it will take not much time...but yeah, then youve got to add sound and stuff...so ill stick with saying it's around 40% done.

sorry if this post makes hardly any sense, but im just writing my thoughts as they come, so thats why there are big subject leaps and a lack of order...but thats how it goes.

anyway, i was basically writing this to tell any fans that i may or may not have that i havn't quit animating...just stuff is getting in the way, and that xiao style 3 is NOT DEAD! i will finish it if it's the last animation i ever do, but just don't hold your breath...or you'll be holding it for a very long time.
thanks for reading :)