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Rated 5 / 5 stars


that was actually full on amazing. action packed, entertaining to the max :D i expected it to be awesome but that was just mind blowing. i mean, the greatness of the fights and how much the moves and styles varied. and the fact that it just never got boring at all. and i loved how the ground broke and everything. it was so awesome. im trying hard to think why i shouldnt give this a 10. but the truth is, this is pretty much as good as stick fights get. and i think this will be the first 10 ive ever given in a review on ng :P well done guys.

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Seeds(1) Seeds(1)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

wow mesmay :O

this is Fitzy from SPP :) i hadnt seen this till now. this is awesome, it seems quite dark but has an awesome atmosphere, it says seeds(1) so is there going to be more?

anyway great job, all the effects were great (the bio bot stabbing the other one at the end was amazing!) and the animation was great, fantastic job :D

Mesmay responds:

this means a lot from you, thanks =3

Drunken Stick Drunken Stick

Rated 4 / 5 stars


that was awesome, at least, for what was there it was awesome :D it was short...but it didn't feel too short. also great cuz it was action packed. it also had a bit of humour in there. just brilliant, good job...the fighting was very well done.

The Magik Pencil The Magik Pencil

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice one

i really enjoyed that. i clicked the link...and i wasnt gonna watch it, but started reading reviews and then i decided to watch it. and im glad i did, it was quite funny, and that guy was a decent actor. it was animated smoothly and was just a nice watch. 'this magic pen isn't ready for the world' hehe. very well done, it'd be great if you made another.

Only Havoc. Only Havoc.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

underrated :(

ridiculously underrated. should have about 4 or so really. i already posted a big post on FA (as fitzy) so basically...this is just awesome, great effects, loved the ending. great job.

too bad it only has 3.68 it deserves higher

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TLTFT 2008 Round 6 Collab TLTFT 2008 Round 6 Collab

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


tawniks was AWESOME, that alone deserves a high score. mesmays was cool too and drifts was great. just tawniks was hilarious and well animated...why didnt he get a higher score?

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TeamXHawk responds:

Because the decapitation itself didn't look that good.

OMG Racism!!!1 OMG Racism!!!1

Rated 3 / 5 stars


hey, not bad, but i prefered the elastic guys one. i dunno why. i thought the movements just wern't as good in this, especially the running. i mean i know you SAID its a style and that all us animators do the same stuff...but really your running and walking just looks poorly done.

i mean, you said in a comment on a review that you wanted to make the punches realistic...and generally if your gonna make realistic punches your walking should be realistic. i just think some of your movements need some work. especially the walking.

but looking past that it was pretty decent, i didnt think it was choppy or anything and the fights were decent. i liked the way it wasnt a normal ending and that the orange guy died :D. and overall athough it was short it was fairly entertaining and it looked like you had fun making it.

anyway if you just get the walking and some other movements improved i think it would really add to your animations. and seriously, we dont all just copy terkoizes style or anything, you can have a unique style whilst keeping good movements, my brush animations have a style that i havnt seen before and people like cosmoseth have totally different styles...yet they all have good movements. and i think thats what tman was trying to tell you.

anyway good job on the animation and i hope to see you make more :D

DikkopStudios responds:

Movement. Ok. Thanks for the advice dude. This time I wanted to make an animation with a little story, unlike the previous one. Actually I started animating it no knowing where I would end. Yes, it was fun to make :D
What I'm trying to say about the Terkoiz style stealing, not just his style, others too. It's hard to explain, so I won't :))

I will make more!!!!!! You 2?

Battle Arenas 1 RM Collab Battle Arenas 1 RM Collab

Rated 3 / 5 stars

not bad

byonds was easily the highest quality. his part was too short but awesome.

negadrains was well done... a few flaws but the length made it good

orbbs sucked. shorter than both the other 2, and far worse quality. if you're gonna half ass something you shouldnt do it at all...especially if its gonna easily be the worst thing in the collab and possibly cost it some points.

good job on it all together though.

TeamXHawk responds:

Didn't anyone observe SSJBryando's part ?!

Anyways, thanks for the review.

Elastic Guys Elastic Guys

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

very good

DEFINATELY your best movie yet. its well done, the movements were good, the action was exciting and the elastication was very well executed and well eased. i felt that each hit had good force, and the sounds added were fitting. oh and the background was pretty good too. there was improvement from the starting movements, and they got better as time went on, which also resulted in better action.

besides the length there isnt much i can complain about in this movie, although more use of the environment would be nice to see so maybe keep that in mind for next time. but this is a world of difference from your last animation, and this time i think its deserving of a 3.67 score. so well done and good job on the daily 3rd. and please dont take my score of 7 as bad. its very good, but if you made it longer and stuff it would be deserving of a higher score. i just dont think its quite deserving of higher at the moment, mostly because of length. but like i said more environment usage would be good too.

also, what happened to that other animation you were making with like blue bad guys and stuff?

anyway good job on the movie, i enjoyed it.

DikkopStudios responds:

Hey man thanks so much.
I stopped working on the other animation because I was addicted to so games (lol) and I didn't feel like animating. But some weekend I made this and it came out well. It started as a test (which it still is, no story, shortness etc) and I just submitted it cuz I didn't know what the next move would be.
Because of this gigantically positive responce I got alot of ideas to work on that movie again and it will service all your needs of what u missed in this one.
Thanks again dude :D

Fluidanims Shorts Fluidanims Shorts

Rated 1 / 5 stars

not very good

for the most part it just seemed like you attempted to copy toughlucks shorts. but you didnt pull it off well at all. it couldve been good. but i just found it boring. the tetris one just went too made me bored, im guessing youve seen 'gravity' by th1rte3n and you were trying to do something like it, but the difference is he made his very interesting and entertaining to watch, whilst i just found yours to be boring.

the movements of the sticks were poor, their running motions are pretty damn bad and the blood is doesnt look anything like blood. its more like pieces of shrapnel coming out the guys head.

im not saying all this stuff to get at you, im not doing it just to spite you, im doing it so maybe in future you can improve. but i can honestly say i didnt really enjoy any of it. although i have seen worse.

so to sum up. try and increase entertainment value.
you need to improve your motions...ESPECIALLY that run.
try and make your blood better. now, i know blood can be hard, i have trouble with blood myself. but just concentrate on making it look a bit more liquidy.

good luck in future i hope i somewhat helped, please dont take the review badly, im trying to help more than anything.